Maryknoll dictionaries now “open-source”

Great news for English speakers learning Taiwanese: Catholic missionary language training centre Maryknoll have just decided to release the contents of their two dictionaries (the English-Amoy Dictionary and the Taiwanese-English Dictionary) under a Creative Commons license. Their content, like this site, will now be open to anyone to use and remix, as long as the original authors are credited.

I have had discussions with Fr. Clarence Engler, the leader of the dictionary project, for a few months now, making the case for Creative Commons and trying to persuade Maryknoll to make the switch. I’m delighted to see they’ve done this and that their great work can now be reused and built upon by others.

I plan to use the data from the dictionaries as the basis of a free online dictionary, something along the lines of the CEDICT project. Maryknoll are currently revising their dictionaries, so I will be concentrating on putting the structure together first, before integrating the new data once it is ready. As for a timeline, we’re probably looking at a year before this is up and running properly, but hopefully it will prove useful. If you’d like to get involved in this project please drop me a line – I’d be very pleased to hear from you.

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  2. Michael Tai says:

    I would be appreciated to have a copy of this urgently needed dictionary or Would you please show me how to log in ? Thanks.

    Michael Tai
    Associate Missionary
    Presbyterian Church in Canada
    Teaching at Chungshan Medical University.Taichung.

  3. Taokara says:

    That’s great! But now I am working on my MA thesis, currently I cannot get involved. Thank you and all the best wishes!

  4. hoho says:

    Where could I download these dictionaries if they were open source?

  5. admin says:

    Currently the dictionaries are not available to download. This post is more in the way of announcing the new license – I will update everyone when Maryknoll make the source files available. This may not be for a while though, as they are working on a revised version – I have a feeling it will be this updated version which will be easily available, rather than the current one. More information as soon as I have it.

  6. hoho says:

    Can you ask them to keep the original version along with the revised version when publishing the dictionary files?

  7. admin says:

    The originals will be certainly be preserved.

  8. Lim Chheng Siang says:

    Chin hó ê siau-sit.

    Goá kuí-lo̍h nî chêng bat tī Maryknoll bé koè chit nn̄g -pún jī-tián. 2002-nî ê sin-pán Tâi-Eng jī-tián mā tī Tâi-oân ê Tiàm bé tio̍h.

    Chit-má nā ē-tàng tī bāng-lō͘ téng-thâu suî-sî khoàⁿ, choat-tuì sī Tâi-gí-kài ê toā tāi-chì.


    Nā ū su-iàu goá mā goān-ì tàu-saⁿ-kāng.

  9. admin says:

    Rough translation of the above comment:

    Great news.

    Some years ago I bought these two dictionaries from Maryknoll. In 2002 I also bought the revised version of the Taiwanese-English dictionary at the Taiwan Store.

    To be able to see them online at this time is a good thing for the Taiwanese community.

    Thank you.

    I offer my assistance if it is needed.

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